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Fatal Union Recruitment Open!

by Darkrø, 220 days ago

Fatal Union back in business!
The guild is back stronger and opening its doors for new members. Aiming for a competitive, stable and friendly raiding atmosphere for the remainder of Legion and beyond. Currently considering all competent raiders for the addition to the roster.

What we can offer you:
A guild with upcoming stable, competitive atmosphere.
Out of raiding time activities; promoting alt runs and old content runs.
Support within the game; be this with your character or other tweaking.

What we expect from you as players and guildies:
100% attendance.
Motivated and positive players who want the best out of the game without a strenuous raiding schedule.
Mature attitudes towards fellow raiders and people external to the guild.
The ability to adapt to change and learn from mistakes.
Be able to take criticism well and constructively.

You & Your application:
With your application we expect you to expand on your answers, your application tells us a lot about you.
Answer all questions correctly and in depth!

What may help your applications:
Previous experience and logs.
Previous heroic raiding experience and knowledge of what is to come within mythic raiding.
Sense of humor. Gear to match the guilds current progression.

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