Fatal Union is a 20 man raiding team consisting of long time friends and skilled players.

Starting back in Cataclysm we cleared Dragon Soul HC together.
After that we parted ways in different guilds but have always kept up high end progression.

In MoP we managed to do HC content but it was only after 5.3 when we started to shine.
Some of us managed to obtain Lei Shen HC and Realm's First Ra-den HC.

Now reformed we are back in business and are looking for skilled, dedicated and fun players with a minimum age of 18.
We offer 3-4 raids per week with raids consisting of 3 hours dedicated raiding but not without having a bit of fun.
Outside raids we have strong social atmosphere with doing competant alt raids, leveling and various old content.

We advise you that if you can't take mature language, not to apply.


WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kilrogg/Fatal+Union/

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/FatalUnionWow/



Raiding in Fatal Union

Since we raid 9 hours a week, our time is quite precious. This is why you need to have done the following before the raid begins.

  • Be online on time and outside the raid ready to enter.
  • Research all there is for your roll regarding the encounters that we will do.
  • Calls during raids should be left to the raid leaders. Being supportive is great but don’t overlap the raid leader.
  • Listen to what is being said when we are explaining tactics. If you do not understand something ask us before hand and not during the encounter.
  • You learn by doing, so be prepared to wipe on new encounters.
  • Logs don't lie, so just be honest about any mistakes made, it saves so much time.
  • Sometimes things are said and people get frustrated but we want to keep things friendly and in good humor.

Progression is done in quite a large roster and we always try to optimize the group for progress encounters. When farm bosses are stabilized we will switch people in and out to give everyone in the team a chance on encounters they have missed out on. Nobody in this team will ever be forgotten or left out because ‘it’s just easier this way’. All who miss out will see the encounters in the end no matter how many times everyone else has killed it.

There is also an optional normal/alt run on Fridays which is free for everyone to join.


Raiding Schedule

Progression/Main run
Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday 20:00-23:00 server time (CET)
Invites start 19:45 with the expectation that you are ready.
Every raid will contain a small break.
You must be able to attend 100% of our raids.

Normal/alt run
Friday 20:00-0:00 server time (CET)


Trial Period

When you join the guild you gain the Recruit rank where you will remain for a minimum of 3 weeks. At the end of your trial period, you may be promoted, your trial may be extended or in some cases your trial will fail. If trial is failed, you are welcome to still attend alt/normal runs and remain as social if you feel this is what you would like.



Our guidelines are quite simple: be polite, respectful and show that you want to be in the guild and raid with us, through positive actions, effort and guild contribution.

On progression content the raid leader may specify a team he wants in for any reasons ranging from mechanics to survivability.
Please respect the decision and be ready to join the raid if needed.

Loot distribution is personal.